Col Cameron is a veteran entertainer specialising in comedy. He is great demand at corporate events a versatile MC and comedian and at stand up comedy venues including some of the largest cruise ships in the world.

With over 20 years of performing behind him in a variety of roles including comedian, master of ceremonies, musician as well as writer and producer, he has the unique ability to see your event through the eyes of the event manager, end client and audience. Col’s style is always focused on connecting with the audience and establishing a relaxed environment. His many years as a stand up comic and club MC has honed his skills at preparing the atmosphere for others to flourish. Keynote speakers to nervous CEOs have all appreciated Col’s excellent work in preparing the audience for their presentation.

Col is an active MC and is often called on as a troubleshooter. A typical event will see Col quickly assess choreography and staging of guest speakers or award recipients, check sound and lighting, confirm scripts and often reedit on the spot preempting any issues that may arise ahead of time. Once he hits the stage Col will ensure the audience only sees a smooth production from start to finish. That’s why Col Cameron is the MC of choice for demanding and discerning event managers across the country.

Col also loves to create interactive activities for guests including custom written quizzes, fun physical challenges and energizers all with a comedy twist.

Col became a founding member of Wacky Entertainment in 1996. During Col’s time with Wacky, which continues today, he has clocked up thousands of corporate and festival performances all over Australia and South East Asia including The Logies (white carpet warm up), the ’06 Commonwealth Games Athlete’s Village, the Australian Open Tennis 1999-08, the Australian Grand Prix 2000-08, Citibank (Greece, Japan, Spain, Vietnam), Star Hub Launch Singapore, Hong Kong Christmas celebrations and the V-Power national launch roadshow for Shell Australia.
In 2007 Col performed his solo stand-up show ‘Like a Fish out of Water’ in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival followed by 2008 MICF and ‘Obsessions’ at the 2009 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

More recently Col has become a regular featured comedian for Carnival Cruises, the largest cruise company in the world. Col is called on to perform both 30min late night adult shows as well as 30min children’s shows to audiences of up to 400 at a time across the cruise. With 5 different shows required, Col performs for 2.5 hours without repeating a joke!

Recent events include

Citibank Asia Conference MC 4 day event – Athens, Osaka, Barcelona, Hanoi, Beijing, Sapporo, Auckland, Istanbul, Okinawa, Prague

Guest Entertainer (Comedian) on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines – Voyager of the Seas

Regular Carnival Cruises across the South Pacific – Featured Comedian

Lumo Energy – Master of Ceremonies – 2014

TEDx Melbourne 2012

Sydney Event Showcase Stage 2012

NICE Systems Conference 2012

Perpetual Private Awards 2012

Perpetual Mobius Awards 2011, 2012

AIME Hosted Buyers Breakfast MC 2011/12/13

ICMI Speaker Showcase 2011

Around the Bay 2012

MEA Awards MC 2011/12

Diners Club Hong Kong

EEAA Awards MC

Roche Australia MC

St Vincent & Mercy Hospital


Sebel Albert Park Relaunch MC

CMPA Gala Dinner MC/Stand Up

Mazda Foundation


Diners Club Writer/Producer/MC


  • A busy January 2013
    It’s been a much busier January than I’m used to. Generally the city slows down and so do I but this year I’ve been on the ship to Noumea then back for some gigs and I’m off again near the end of the month. Feb will be much the same […]
  • The Carnival Spirit Cruise Ship
    So I’ve been working on this ship, the Carnival Spirit. It’s huge! Over 2500 passengers and nearly 1000 crew and staff. I was one of the 2 featured comedians on the ship. The other was my mate Simon Palomares. The shows took place in the Versailles room which is a […]
  • Lots of gigs!
    It’s been a great couple of weeks with an interview on Foxtel, a staff function for staff at Crown Casino, the Grand Final Parade (damn you Sydney – I’m a Hawks man), multiple large events for Coles, Inventium workshop, a couple of days away to beautiful Echuca for Mawson’s concrete […]
  • Something about a crowd on holidays…
    I don’t know what it is but a crowd on holidays on a ship is something really special. They’re not necessarily comedy experts but they just love to laugh and so make a really honest, committed crowd. Not to mention a large crowd. I tried to count the Versailles Lounge […]
  • BRAINSTUFF show newsflash! Woman finds out she’s colourblind!
    Great show last night. Ran my tests on the audience and a lady found out she was colour blind. Never knew! Awesome volunteers got up too. I’ve got 7 shows to go. This is a really interesting time in a festival. It’s the big drive towards the finish line. It’s […]
  • Istanbul!
    Wow, what a city! My MC duties are now over and I can relax. No more corporate speak. This place is truly amazing. Why doesn’t it get mentioned in the same breath with ‘New York City’ or ‘Paris’? Laneways everywhere oozing with style. Poverty brings desperation but it also brings […]
  • TEDx Melbourne
    My first TEDx experience was fantastic. It was hard work with lots of intros needing editing and plenty of background research but it was all worth it. While I’m very used to the corporate MC style, I’m not used to working to a crowd most with their heads deep in […]
  • Versatility the key…
    On my recent maiden voyage on the enormous  Royal Caribbean ‘Voyager of the Seas’ I was reminded of the importance of versatility for the professional comedian. I also paused to think about the difference between the comedian who spends years building their niche vs the comedian who works more commercially. […]
  • A great article
    Here’s a nice article from my friends at ICMI on the benefits of engaging a professional MC. (read ‘like me!’) TO MC OR NOT MC by ICMI on Tuesday, 5 March 2013 To MC or not MC? In today’s World of conference’s and events, deciding not to engage a […]
  • Master of Ceremonies and Comedians – 6 tips to connect or die
    Master of Ceremonies/Comedians Tips   A couple of gigs in the last few weeks have reminded me of how important it is to connect with your audience on a meaningful level… or die. I thought I’d address this post to those wishing to better understand public speaking, being a master […]
  • New Baby!
    My wife Sharni and I are proud to announce a new addition to our family – Tarquin Marlo Cameron born 18th Jan 2014. He’s a very healthy little boy weighing in at 4.72 kg (10.4lb)! So it’s fair to say that life has changed quickly around here already. Felix and […]
  • Comedy Festival 2014 for Kids!
    Today I’ll be performing for the youngest audience ever in my career at the Melbourne Comedy Festival 2014. I’m even bringing my own kids. I’ve decided to roll out an excerpt from my cruise ship family show. With 10mins required I’ll perform ‘Rindercella’. It’s an old Ronnie Barker routine that […]
  • Corporate Stand Up Comedy – my 10 point checklist
    You never stop learning I keep hearing over and over that corporate stand up comedy gigs can ‘destroy your soul’ as an artist. This is perfectly understandable given the difference between a club gig and a corporate gig. I find that I never stop learning ways to improve my corporate […]
  • A busy month
      It’s been a very busy month! I MC’d the Australia and New Zealand Geotech Conference at Crown Casino’s Palladium room for Leishman Associates and ICMI Speakers and Entertainers. The event was the Gala Dinner in a busy conference and adding some fun seemed to go down really well. Next […]
  • Gigs and more gigs…
    I’ve been having a ball working as a featured comedian on the Carnival Spirit in the last few weeks. Trips to Noumea, Vanuatu and most recently New Zealand. The best part about heading to the ‘land of the long white cloud’ was that it was the first time for most […]
  • Comedy Club Set
  • Comedy Festival 2014
    Having just returned from working in Japan, I have missed much of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. I am however about to perform in a great show called “Who’s Your Daddy?” over the next 3 nights. Can’t wait. Someone must have found out I’m a dad to 3 kids under […]
  • Corporate Stand Up Comedy – The 2 biggest impediments to a great gig.
    The 2 biggest impediments Let’s get straight to the point. The 2 biggest impediments in corporate stand up comedy are poor logistics and inappropriate material. Poor Logistics When I use the term ‘logistics’ I’m talking firstly about all the technical elements. When they’re substandard it may include poor sound quality, insufficient or inappropriate […]
  • Master of Ceremonies in Okinawa, Japan!
    I’m just back from working as Master of Ceremonies at a huge 4 day conference in tropical Okinawa, Japan. Wow what a place! The conference was held at the Manza Intercontinental Resort which is a sight to behold. The resort had its own enormous beach, perfect for the beach team […]
  • How to deal with the worst heckler (as a headliner)
    Following a recent stand up gig I thought I’d share an experience I had dealing with hecklers. [Note: This was not in a theatre environment where the comedian is unseen until the show. It was in an informal environment at a football club where the acts mingle with the guests […]

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