Great show last night. Ran my tests on the audience and a lady found out she was colour blind. Never knew!

Awesome volunteers got up too. I’ve got 7 shows to go. This is a really interesting time in a festival. It’s the big drive towards the finish line. It’s a game to try to get reviewers to come along before the festival runs out. Not a game I enjoy. It’s a brand new show that I’ll be performing in multiple festivals to come. What matters is that I keep having a great time. Onward and upward…..

It’s been a much busier January than I’m used to. Generally the city slows down and so do I but this year I’ve been on the ship to Noumea then back for some gigs and I’m off again near the end of the month. Feb will be much the same with the Carnival Spirit heading on a new route to New Zealand. The international crew are very excited with many counting the days. I filled a few of them in on Milford Sound and they can’t wait. Actually either can I. Last time I was there was 3 years ago with my brother. We drove for ages only to find it totally fogged in. We snapped a pic of a post card and framed it so it looked real. I can’t wait to be in the middle of it on a 300m long ship! This is the Sapphire Princess not the Carnival Spirit but you get the idea.



Imagine working all day in the galley and missing this view outside. Lucky our stand up shows are at night! Ahh go comedy!

So I’ve been working on this ship, the Carnival Spirit. It’s huge! Over 2500 passengers and nearly 1000 crew and staff.

I was one of the 2 featured comedians on the ship. The other was my mate Simon Palomares. The shows took place in the Versailles room which is a beautiful room that sits about 300 and turns into the Punchliners Comedy Club at night. I had a great time performing 2 children/family shows and 3 adult shows. Awesome shows and crowd. Looks like I’m back again in January. I’ll know more soon.