I’m just back from working as Master of Ceremonies at a huge 4 day conference in tropical Okinawa, Japan. Wow what a place! The conference was held at the Manza Intercontinental Resort which is a sight to behold. The resort had its own enormous beach, perfect for the beach team building games for the 220 guests. My role was to keep the event running smoothly working with the expert team from Spinergy Singapore.


photo 1

The view from my hotel room.


I hosted the welcome event, gala dinner and closing night dance spectacular as well as running group briefings and creating energisers along the way. The Gala Dinner Awards, particularly, is always a pleasure and a challenge, especially when it comes to pronouncing 220 Asian names from 14 different countries! I take the task very seriously and spend at least a week getting it right including recording and learning each name over and over. I believe it makes a huge difference to understand the difference between the Korean pronunciation of for example: ‘Lee’ and the Mandarin version. The moment when a 1st time winner enters the stage as the best employee out of 5000 candidates is very special. Hearing their name spoken perfectly by a foreign MC adds to the moment.


photo 2

Not entirely sure who that is next to me…