Comedy Festival

Today I’ll be performing for the youngest audience ever in my career at the Melbourne Comedy Festival 2014. I’m even bringing my own kids. I’ve decided to roll out an excerpt from my cruise ship family show. With 10mins required I’ll perform ‘Rindercella’. It’s an old Ronnie Barker routine that comics everywhere have adapted with their own jokes. Full of spoonerisms, the dirty jokes are hidden from the kids who aren’t old enough to reverse the spoonerism. It’s like a secret code! I make out that it’s a story for the kids but the adults soon work out what’s going on. Occasionally there’ll be a fart smella… I mean a smart fella amongst the kids who’ll laugh along. We’ll see!

Show: ‘HUGGERS’ – Exford Hotel, corner Russell & Little Bourke Sts CBD, Melbourne 12pm.

Huggers @ Comedy Festival 2014

Huggers Show – What a cute logo!

Then later today at 6pm I’ll jump back up in the Comedy Festival with the ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ show at The Joint at 6pm. Last night was loads of fin working with Terry North and JJ McLean. It’s straight Stand Up Comedy telling stories about being a dad. A topic I know pretty well by now! Dropping in for a 15min spot makes a nice change of gear from having worked so regularly as a corporate Master of Ceremonies over the last month.

Show: ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ – The Joint, corner Flinders Lane & Elizabeth St CBD, Melbourne 6pm.


New Baby!

My wife Sharni and I are proud to announce a new addition to our family – Tarquin Marlo Cameron born 18th Jan 2014. He’s a very healthy little boy weighing in at 4.72 kg (10.4lb)! So it’s fair to say that life has changed quickly around here already. Felix and Sadie are very excited to have a little baby brother and are constantly fascinated by everything from the bathing ritual to the vibrating baby bouncer. The bad news is that after a break of 1 year we’re back in to nappies again and all parents with multiple children know how much that hurts!!

With more mouths to feed I need to bring on the gigs! Luckily there’s lots going on. I’ll be back on the Carnival Spirit cruise ship at the end of February and also at the end of March. I should have many more stories for the crowd by then.

As far as Corporate MCing goes, I’m off to Okinawa, Japan in April followed by Prague, Czech Republic in May. Both are conferences for Citibank South East Asia. The Melbourne International Comedy Festival hits somewhere in the middle and while not performing a show I will be jumping up on stage in a few select rooms.

I also have my new comedy keynote presentation called ‘Brainstuff’ which I’m looking forward to performing around the country this year.

Phew… bring on Feb!