I don’t know what it is but a crowd on holidays on a ship is something really special. They’re not necessarily comedy experts but they just love to laugh and so make a really honest, committed crowd. Not to mention a large crowd. I tried to count the Versailles Lounge capacity and got lost around 350ish. The mad rush to get in the lounge helps with the sense of anticipation. Especially when there’s up to 1500 upstairs in the main theatre with only a small percentage of the most athletic getting in to my show.

My last cruise from Vanuatu to Sydney had a great group of passengers including lots of large groups; 50 from Sydney, 14 from Adelaide and a whole bunch from QLD. These guys were in great spirits considering many of them didn’t know what they were to find on returning home after the floods.

I had some ripper shows in the Punchliners Comedy Club, especially my late adult shows. Thanks to the crew and my fellow performers Hung Le (see below) and Ben Murphy. Great Fellas!



Hung Le and friends

Hung Le at Melb Airport with 2 lovely girls off the ship!